Is RV Insurance More or Less Expensive Than Car Insurance?

Is RV Insurance More or Less Expensive Than Car Insurance?

Is RV Insurance More or Less Expensive Than Car Insurance? 2560 1707 Mason Insurance Company

At Mason Insurance, we protect what is important to you. Our goal is to help match you to insurance products that meet your financial needs. One area where this may be especially important is when you are obtaining insurance for your RV.

You already have insurance for your car. Now you need insurance for your RV. Should you expect this insurance to be more expensive, or less expensive?

RV Insurance Costs

RV insurance, on average, costs *less* than auto insurance. There are many reasons for this:

  • People tend to drive RVs less, so the time on the road is reduced.
  • People tend to drive RVs more carefully, due to their size and their family.
  • People that drive RVs tend to be older, better, more experienced drivers.
  • People that steal cars tend not to steal RVs.

This makes RV considerably less risk to the insurance carrier, decreasing the total price. However, there are factors that can also dramatically increase the price of RV insurance, such as:

  • If you live in the RV, or drive it frequently.
  • If you have an expensive RV.
  • If you have personal property on the RV that you need to cover.
  • If you have any custom features or amenities that are expensive to replace.
  • If you have any accidents on your record.
  • If it is a trailer or self-driving RV.

Insurance carrier also plays an important role. Some carriers do not like to insure RVs, especially if they are being used as full time residencies. Others have a very friendly relationship with RVs, offering lower rates.

Auto vs RV Insurance

Prices between the two types of insurance can vary considerably, and so it is not possible to say with certainty that a 1 for 1 comparison in policy types is likely to be more or less for RV insurance than auto insurance. In general, most people spend far less per month on RV insurance, but there are many factors at play that affect rates.

Still, one thing you can feel fairly confident about is that, especially if you have a good driving record, the cost for RV insurance is not likely to surprise you or make owning an RV unobtainable. Most people that apply for coverage will find a rate that is at least comparable to their auto insurance rate assuming coverage for both collision and liability.

If you’re looking for RV insurance and would like to learn more about the products we have available at Mason Insurance, please contact us today.

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