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Renters Insurance from Mason Insurance Company in Raleigh

While there is a degree of comfort knowing that your landlord is responsible for any damages to the property that you live in, as a renter you are still required to protect your belongings and pay for any injuries sustained while at your apartment. If your belongings are harmed by a fire, flood, or something else, your renters’ insurance can cover the cost if you have the correct policy. It can also cover you from most medical liability if a guest is injured while at your home.

As a local team of insurance brokers from Raleigh who work in the North Carolina area, Mason Insurance can help make sure you have that correct policy. We pair these insurance solutions with your given situation, making sure that you and your belongings are safe and sound.

Feel free to call us during office hours at (480) 660-5855, or fill out our online form to get started.

Get Affordable Renters’ Insurance that Protects Your Belongings

When you need renters’ insurance, it can end up being the most important investment that you’ve made. Many landlords require that you have a policy on file, but even if your current landlord doesn’t it is still a good idea to always have coverage. Because many apartment rentals have several units that are right next to each other, you end up taking on the risk of the other tenant’s actions while living there. Burst pipes, fires, and different natural disasters can ruin your belongings and many times are completely out of your control.

That’s why at Mason’s Insurance we build policies for renters’ based around the coverage that you need, and protect what matters to you at an affordable price. We can make sure you have coverage for items like:

  • Wardrobes and Clothing
  • Jewelry and Other Valuables
  • Expensive Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Any Furniture You Own

Making sure that you understand what you need to be covered as a renter and that you are informed of the different policy options is our biggest priority at Mason Insurance. We want to ensure that the coverage we provide and our ability to process your claim will make for a quick recovery from any disaster you may have to deal with, creating a less stressful experience for you.

When you are ready to move in and get your new rental covered, Mason Insurance is here to have that conversation. You can call us directly at our office during business hours at (480) 660-5855, or you can reach out to us via our online contact form. It will ask you a few questions about your policy needs, and we’ll reach back out with a free quote.

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