Pet Insurance

Veterinary and Pet Insurance in Raleigh for Dogs and Cats

There are a few things we wouldn’t do to keep our cats or dogs safe. That’s why when it comes to coverage, it is always worth investing in veterinary insurance for our furry friends. There will be no question that your pet will receive the best medical care available when you have a comprehensive policy already on file.

Mason Insurance Company can ensure that your pet is covered for everything from health emergencies to routine checkups. Securing the right policy is our promise as your local Raleigh, NC insurance broker. Allow us to work alongside you and your pets as we design your policy. Don’t hesitate and give us a call today at (480) 660-5855.

What Pet Insurance Can Do for Your Furry Family Members

Keeping your pets healthy and happy is a constant priority in the life of a pet owner. We’ve decided that these creatures are part of our family and live in our house now, so we want to make sure they have the best life possible. This can include testing for different illnesses, scheduling regular checkups with your veterinarian, or being able to take care of them when emergencies arise.

The pet policies that Mason Insurance Company can provide for your pet can cover whatever life events come their way, including:

  • Routine Check-Ups
  • Disability Care
  • Animal Cancer Care
  • Illnesses Related to Breed
  • Emergency Veterinary Visits

When we look for insurance policies as insurance brokers, we are sure to find comprehensive and complete coverage for your pet at an affordable rate so that you don’t have to worry about whether your furry friend is covered long-term or not. Whenever you file a claim, our team at Mason Insurance Company will be there to help make the process as painless as possible so that you know that your pet bills will be paid back.

Whether your pet has been with you for many years, are you’ve just adopted a new kitten or puppy into your family, Mason Insurance Company has your animal taken care of. Contact us today at (480) 660-5855 and get the process started with a free quote. 


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